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Company Information

Brighten up your life with the help of Colvin International Ltd. and our exclusive range of Eyelevel Sunglasses and Lemonoil sun-care products.

Colvin International Ltd has established Eyelevel Sunglasses as a Global brand which is now available in over 45 countries worldwide.

Eyelevel sunglasses, created in-house by a team of specialist designers to provide the ultimate in comfort and style at an affordable price.

Choose from more than 300 designs for driving, fashion, sport and leisure - not forgetting a stylish children’s range. Eyelevel was introduced by popular demand from clients so we’re rightly proud of the fact we were able to supply an innovative product that meet the needs of our valued customers.



Our expertise in the field of sun protection extends well beyond sunglasses! As we also have many years of experience in sun-care through our renowned Lemonoil products which provide a complete protection range suitable for all the family.

Lemonoil Spray Solar is an easy-to-apply trigger action pump spray. It’s available up to sun protection factor (SPF) 35 for Children and Sensitive SPF 15 & 25. Recognising demand for high factor sun –care protection, we also have an Extreme SPF60 sun block lotion should you require it.

At Colvin, the sun is always shining. And we guarantee you’ll be smiling after sampling a fast efficient service from our dedicated team of experts. So to experience that friendly, personal touch why not call us.